As an organization accustomed to working with sensitive data, we understand the importance of data security, confidentiality, and privacy of our clients’ work. Our expert architects, developers, and analysts can identify the best platform and tools to meet a wide variety of needs. We deliver business value by optimizing and accelerating Data – Information, insights and help client take corrective measures.


We offer our services to various government departments by Designing and developing portals which helps them to monitor the benefits given by government to various stake-holders, take remedial action and align goals and objectives of the department.

Mobile Apps

We think of mobile as a medium of interaction and delivery, and takeyour business offerings and capabilities and enable them on mobile. We know that a mobile app or a mobile site in itself is just one part of the solution, and that the key to a successful realization of mobile strategy lies in enabling core enterprise capabilities to engage your users.


In today’s technology environment, enterprise workloads have become difficult to predict and manage. The underlying technology environment needs to undergo constant evolution. At APOnline data centre we provide day-to-day management of your IT operations.