AP Projects

MeeSeva (G2C Services Delivery)

MeeSeva redefines governance in 21st century by providing smart, citizen centric good governance facilitated through effective delivery of public services. This entails universal and non-discriminatory delivery of all G2C services to every citizen of state in a simple, time bound & transparent manner by leveraging the latest technology.

  1. Citizen services closer to people through 10,000 plus MeeSeva Centres (neighborhood kiosks)
  2. Fixed charge & defined SLA
  3. 2 category of Services delivery: CAT A (over the counter) & CAT B (as per SLA)
  4. Flexible framework - Supports Integration with heterogeneous systems
  5. System driven delivery of services
  6. Financially self sustained model
  7. Real time monitoring by higher officials with least physical interface
  8. Option of online certificate verification
  9. Certificate printing on highly secured stationary
  10. Huge cost saving for all stakeholders
  11. SMS alerts to applicant at every stage of application processing
  12. Direct/Indirect Employment to 20,000 plus
  1. Transparent, Time bound, Hassle Free
  2. Adoption of Online System, Electronic Delivery
  3. Self sustained, Employment Generation
  4. Interfacing with Multiple External Systems

YSRPK Pensions Process & Disbursement

Social Security Pensions (YSR Pension Kanuka) is a flagship project of Govt. of AP as part of "Navaratnalu". Ever since 2015 project scope, modules and workflows have undergone large scale transformation in line with policy changes and directions from SERP.

  1. Web & Android based application
  2. Timely disbursement of Entitlements to Beneficiary using Aadhaar
  3. Eliminating or reducing leakages
  4. Avoid / Reduce manual activities
  5. Payments to authenticated beneficiaries only
  6. Utilization of advanced technology like bio-metric (Finger/Iris) authentication
  7. Generate MIS Reports & Reduce paper usage
  8. 90% Disbursement of pensions on day One
  1. Happy & Satisfied Pensioners and Officials
  2. Automated Process of pension & disbursed process
  3. Saving of money due to plugging of leakage
  4. Interfacing with Related Systems

School Information Management System (SIMS)

A comprehensive Online Information System related to School infrastructure, syllabus, admissions/ enrolment and grievances of employees by mapping U-District Information on School Education (DISE) data for regular monitoring and course correction to deliver various benefits of Central Government.

  1. Single Comprehensive repository for School Education System
  2. Biometric Attendance of 2.8 Lakh Teachers daily
  3. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation of 33.5 Lakh students
  4. Bringing back the dropped children through 'badi-ki-vasta' Module
  5. Remedial classes for children through Gnana Dhara Module
  6. Big cost saving by using Aadhaar for students authentication in following schemes
  7. Text Book Printing (Saved 16 Cr & 27.44 Cr in 2015-16 & 2016-17 respectively)
  8. Uniform Distribution
  9. Mid Day Meal scheme
  1. Facilitating effective School management
  2. Adoption of Online System
  3. Already saved huge money for Govt.
  4. Interfacing with Multiple Systems

AP State Beverage Corporation Ltd (APSBCL)

Considering the deep social impact over the society and its financial reach, Govt of Andhra Pradesh has taken a policy decision to have a tight control over sale of liquor within the state and hence decided to take over the retail outlets selling liquor and run these under its vigil. To ensure the smooth and transparent functioning of these retail shops, Department has implemented an ICT solution to monitor the operations.

  1. Sale of liquor bottle through scanning of heals.
  2. Provision to monitoring the transactions in real time by department officials
  3. Real Time Stock Availability and Sales.
  4. Online billing of all Sales.
  5. Provision of online sale closure
  6. Online Processing of Supplier Payment.
  7. Reconciliation of Cash Deposits.
  8. Online Payment generation for bank deposits for BCL Outlets based on the Real Time Sales Updation.
  9. Recording Theft /Misappropriation of stock for effective inventory management.
  10. Posting of Financial Transaction summary to CFMS for auto posting to respective HOAs.
  11. Posting of revenue to Treasury
  1. Transparent & Hassle free experience for all stakeholders
  2. Adoption of Online System for Retail Outlets
  3. Additional Revenue for Government
  4. Interfacing with Multiple External Systems

Animal Husbandry Department (AHD)

AP is one of the leading states in Animal Husbandry in India. Department has taken many initiatives to make a difference in lives of farmers. Department is leveraging the reach of IT to make these initiative efficient, farmer friendly, data driven & cost effective. As of today, department is running around 24 schemes delivering value to different set of farmers.

  1. Livestock Loss Compensation Scheme - Breed based financial compensation in case of death of livestock .
  2. AnimalInduction - Increasing the quality of Livestock by bringing in better breed of animals from outside the state and providing Insurance cover, Feed & Fodder.
  3. Vaccination - Includes 9 type of vaccines including Brucilla & Anthrax.
  4. Annul Administration Reports - Performance assessment of Veterinary Dispensary/ Clinics/ Hospitals
  5. Suphalam - Treatment of milk producing animals not able to conceive.
  6. First state to adopt online system for tracking FMDCP and to be declared 'Foot & Mouth Disease Free'.
  7. RIDS - Leveraging the scale of volume by aggregating demand from across state and centrally place orders for fodder & silage. Later delivering it at doorsteps of farmer
  1. Satisfied & Happy farmers & Officials
  2. Automation of subsidy calculation, Compensation & other benefits
  3. Stopping of pilferage & money leakage
  4. Interfacing with Multiple Systems

AP Micro Irrigation Project (APMIP)

APMIP focuses on enhancing water use efficiency by promoting efficient On Farm Water Management Technologies and equipment as part of National mission for sustainable Agriculture. It is working towards concept of "More crop per Drop" in view of deficit rainfall, considerable depletion of ground water etc to improve economic conditions of the farmers.

  1. Imbibes the philosophy of 'More Crop per Drop'
  2. Aadhaar enabled biometric authentication for farmer registration.
  3. Verification of pre availed case at the time of registration.
  4. Multiple channels for Farmer Registration (MI Companies, PD Office, OSD @ HO in special cases)
  5. Different subsidy pattern for different social group
  6. Concept of 'Paperless Transaction' using mobile Apps for Primary & Final Inspection and Completion Certificate.
  7. Automated process of preparing Bill of Material, Subsidy calculation & Proceeding generation based on defined business rules.
  8. Implemented revival of MI systems with a cap of 50% subsidy
  9. Subsidy Disbursement in 3 stages - 10%, 50% & Final
  10. Efficient 'After Sale service' & regular training to farmers by MI Companies.
  1. Efficient Roll Out of MI System, Happy Farmer
  2. Automation of subsidy calculation, Approval & Proceeding Generation
  3. Stopping of pilferage & subsidy leakage
  4. Interfacing with Multiple Systems

Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA)

This Project was initiated as part of setting up a Greenfield capital city by inviting farmers to pool their land through voluntary participation (Land Pooling System) - a unique concept in India instead of traditional method of Land Procurement.

  1. Online application acceptance for Land Pooling
  2. Automatic Land ownership verification with Revenue/ Registration Deptt. records
  3. Automated annuity calculation based on type of land & extent contributed
  4. Online random lottery system for plot allocation
  5. PKI enabled Electronic Fund Transfer System
  6. Role based dashboard for effective monitoring
  7. Aadhaar based system resulted in minimizing the scope of malpractices resulting in big saving
  8. Use of Aadhaar & Ration Card data based verification of land extent and ownership helped saving in more than Rs. 3.5 Cr of annuity amount in 1st year of implementation
  1. Satisfied & Happy Farmers
  2. Automated & Transparent System
  3. Big cost saving by plugging scope of leakage using Aadhaar
  4. Interfacing with Multiple Systems

Society for Employment Generation and Enterprise Development in AP (SEEDAP)

SEEDAP is one of the largest skilling organizations in the country and is the Nodal Agency for implementing the various Central and State Government's skilling programs to facilitate the settlement of youth in Wage Employment, Self Employment and Entrepreneurship. It works with an objective to provide at least one employment per family.

  1. Aimed at Skill Development & placement specially for rural unemployed youth by providing training through PIA
  2. Provides Hostel facility & Food during training period & uses Aadhaar based biometrics for attendance capturing.
  3. Currently offering skill trainings in 99 job roles covering 24 sectors.
  4. Provides financial assistance to PIA for providing training to registered youth in 3 installments.
  5. Training fee per student includes food, accommodation, one time travel, assessment charges, post placement support cost & welcome kit.
  6. Additional Incentives like retention support, career progression, counseling support & placement incentives are given basis fulfillment of pre-defined criteria.
  7. 1st Installment (40%) is paid initially, 2nd (40%) after 3 months of placement & 3rd after 12 month of placement subject to fulfillment of defined business rules.
  1. Effective Management of PIA/ Centres
  2. Adoption of Online System for Assessment (PIA/Centres/StudentsStopping of pilferage & money leakage
  3. Stopping of pilferage & money leakage
  4. Interfacing with Multiple Systems

APTOnline Aadhaar Services

APOnline conceptualized , designed , developed and maintaining Aadhaar services portal which leverages UIDAI's Aadhaar platform which provides Aadhaar authentication and eKYC services using 3 different modes (Finger print biometric, IRIS biometric and OTP based

  1. Web based application.
  2. HSM (Hardware security module) integration.
  3. DR Management (at PIDC Vijayawada).
  4. Point to point connectivity between AUA to SUB AUA'S.
  5. Single AUA & KUA application with multiple ASA's.
  6. SUB AUA'S IP validations at application end.
  7. Multiple ASA's onboarding (BSNL, Airtel & Master card).
  8. Maintaining Data vault as recommended by UIDAI for storing UID.
  9. 24/7 Support/Help desk & Services Monitoring.
  10. Web API's are flexible to accept both JSON and XML data.
  1. Secured and Transparent System
  2. No prior Enrolment is Required
  3. Maintaining Auditable DB
  4. Interfacing with Related Systems

House Sites

Pedhalandariki Illu (Houses for all the poor) is one of the 9 schemes under "Navartnalu" - the flagship program of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. The objective is to provide houses/house sites to 25 lakh eligible beneficiaries by charging a token fee of Rs.20/-. Eligibility criteria is based on 9 pre defined parameters by validating through other external systems like Civil Supplies, RTA, UIDAI, Electricity Boards, Income Tax , Housing etc.

  1. System Handled nearly 82 lakh applications within a span of 30 days
  2. Handled highest number of applications (8 lakhs) in a day
  3. Aadhaar based beneficiary identification
  4. Integration with multiple external systems like UIDAI, RTGS, Civil Supplies, RTA, Electricity, CFMS and Webland
  5. Applicant categorization - Urban & Rural
  6. Bi-lingual (Telugu & English)
  7. Patta printing format in Telugu
  8. Provision to replace Male Beneficiaries with Female members of his family (based on PSS data).
  9. Digital Signing of Final Beneficiaries List at District Level
  10. Land available and Land required statics acquired through the system.
  11. Provision to convert Eligible to Ineligible and vice versa at the discretion of JC and above officers
  12. Provision to enter new applications at RDO & Commissioner levels
  1. Happy & Satisfied Citizen
  2. Adoption of Online System, Electronic Delivery
  3. Saving due to adoption of online system
  4. Interfacing with Multiple External Systems


APSHE has brought a fundamental change in the way examinations can be conducted. Leverage of right IT tools has allowed the department to focus more on Administration aspect of conducting exams rather than its operational side. Examinations are now conducted in a more transparent & efficient manner.

  1. Introduced computer based examination for the first time. (Earlier the APSCHE used to conduct offline examinations).
  2. Successfully developed and deployed computerized process in CET's.
  3. Executed prestigious EAMCET with normalization of results in a short span received appreciations from the Convener.
  4. Successful implementation of this ICT solution, has resulted in bagging TSCHE and other CET's in AP as well as Telangana.
  5. APOnline has helped APSHCE in successful conduction of CETS for 3 successive years receiving accolades from Andhra Pradesh State Govt.
  6. Successfully handled around 13 Lakh online applications in a span of three years by conducting CBT for all of them without any issue.
  1. Transparent , robust and user friendly System with various features.
  2. Automated Process for CET cycle.
  3. Considerable savings for Government


Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission established under Article 315 of the Constitution of India to undertake Direct and Department recruitments. As part of Commission's aim in bringing better transparency in its functioning to instill the confidence among the candidates aspiring for the Government Employment, APOnline automated many functions.

  1. Introduced computer based examination for the first time.(Earlier the commission used to conduct offline examinations).
  2. First PSC to conduct computer based departmental examination for different Govt departments under Andhra Pradesh State.
  3. APOnline, successfully developed computerized recruitment selection process, we are the pioneers in developing this software with accuracy.
  4. Projecting this software, APTOnline won projects in Public Service commission's and few other recruitment boards of both the states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  5. APOnline as service provider, APPSC recruited suitable candidates for around 15000 different posts in a short span and received accolades from Andhra Pradesh State Govt.
  1. Transparent , robust and user friendly System with various features.
  2. Automated Process for Recruitment Cycle
  3. Considerable savings for Government

Building Penalization Scheme (BPS) 2019

Govt. of AP has launched Building Penalization Scheme (BPS) as part of reforms in Town Planning to make it more people & industry friendly in order to ensure transparency in Governance. This scheme allows citizens to apply for regularization of constructions made in violation of municipal laws or on unobjectionable Government lands regularized by Revenue Department by paying a fee as per defined business rules.

  1. Scheme is applicable to the existing buildings constructed after 1-1-1985 and before 31-08-2018
  2. New Applications accepted for 2 months & Processing continuing since 1 year
  3. Inclusion of Penal Charges Calculator & Application Status search
  4. 21 Types of ULBs covered with 271 ULBs across the State
  5. 75 workflows with different processing criterion
  6. Approx. 3000 users created in the system
  7. Payments through Payment Gateway & eChallan
  8. Financially self sustained model
  9. Real time monitoring by higher officials
  10. Option of online application verification
  11. SMS alerts to applicant at every stage of application processing.
  12. Flexible framework - Supports Integration with heterogeneous systems
  1. Transparent, Time bound, Hassle Free
  2. Adoption of Online System, Electronic Delivery
  3. Self sustained
  4. Interfacing with Multiple External Systems

Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA)

AP RERA Project has been developed in compliance with provisions of The Andhra Pradesh Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Rules 2017. This Project aims to bring in much needed transparency & efficiency in real estate sector and safeguard the interest of ordinary buyer. Every project measuring more than 500 square meters of site area or more than eight apartments comes under the ambit of RERA.

  1. This portal has been developed to cover all the provisions under section 4.3 of the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016.
  2. Registration of Projects & Agents as per the provisions of Central Government Act.
  3. Inclusion of Fee Calculator for Project Registration based on defined business rules.
  4. Provision of Complaint Registration and its resolution in a time bound manner.
  5. Well defined mechanism of grievance redressal.
  6. System driven mechanism for penalty imposition as per defined business rules in RERA Act on projects violating the RERA regulations.
  7. Database of relevant vendors - supplier of materials, consultants etc.
  8. Mechanism for grading of promoters on set parameters which shall be very useful to Buyer.
  9. Availability of geo mapping of all approved projects (under development).
  1. Transparent, Time bound, Hassle Free exp. For buyer
  2. Adoption of Online System, Electronic Delivery
  3. Saving for Buyer & Promoter both
  4. Interfacing with Multiple External Systems

Software for Assessment of Disabled for Access Rehabilitation and Empowerment (SADAREM+)

This project is an AP Govt. initiative for an effective, Transparent Online system for Slot Booking, Disability Assessment by Medical Board and issue of Digitally Signed Certificates to the PwDs (beneficiaries).

  1. Providing Comprehensive Access to Beneficiaries.
  2. Transparent Slot Booking for assessment.
  3. Hassle free Assessment of Person with Disabilities (PwD) by Standing Board of Doctors.
  4. Issue of Digitally Signed Certificates through MeeSeva Centers.
  5. 3 Tier Assessment by Specialist, Resident Doctor and Superintendent.
  6. Exact Calculation of Disability Percentage & Need assessment
  7. Central Registry of PWDs.
  8. Uniformity in Disbursement of Pension and other benefits.
  9. Decision Support System (DSS) for various Govt. schemes
  10. Program improvement.
  1. Citizen friendly & Transparent System
  2. Online Assessment i.e. from Slot Booking till issue of Digitally Signed Certificates
  3. Uniformity in Pensions Disbursements
  4. Interfacing with Related Systems


This project aims to achieve the sustainable distribution of Sand - a natural resource - at an affordable cost to the citizens with an eye on revenue generation and contributing towards women empowerment while safeguarding the environment.

  1. Registration and geo fencing of the Stockyards/Reaches.
  2. Catered for different types of mining- mechanical, manual, in stream
  3. Provision for individual retail / Bulk as well as for Govt. bookings.
  4. Booking of sand made available to the citizens in multiple modes i.e. Net banking, Pay at Bank and through assisted Citizen Service centers i.e. MeeSeva and APOnline franchisees.
  5. Citizens had option for door delivery of the sand using government transport or using their own transport.
  6. Monitoring and Surveillance of the Operations - using GPS based Vehicle Tracking, CCTV , Bar coded /QR Coded e- Way bills etc.
  7. Boom barrier system of access control at Reaches
  8. Offline Android Application was provided for remote and poor connectivity Reaches.
  9. EFMS - flow of funds amongst Stakeholders
  10. Decision Support System
  1. Environment friendly & Transparent System
  2. Automated Process of Sand Sale Life Cycle
  3. Huge Jump in Tax Collection
  4. Interfacing with Related Systems

Ration Distribution using Aadhaar enabled ePoS

This project works towards ensuring that eligible ration card holders receives their quota of essential commodities by leveraging the Biometric/ IRIS authentication method through Aadhaar

  1. Web & POS based application.
  2. Simple GUI based Application. Easy to train and use
  3. Login through FP/IRIS auth (Aadhaar or local)
  4. GPRS connectivity used for Data transfer
  5. Printing of receipts, stock position etc
  6. Over the Air (OTA) S/W download of SW patches
  7. Inspector Aadhar Authentication as fallback
  8. RO Receipts entry provision for Dealers
  9. Automatic Updating of Opening & Closing Balances
  10. Monthly fetch of DKR from ePDS server process accordingly to suit epos
  11. Centralised operational control and monitoring
  12. Real time transactions update and integration with CORE
  13. MIS Reports
  1. Transparent System
  2. Automated Process of Ration Distributions
  3. Huge Savings for Government
  4. Interfacing with Related Systems