TS Projects

TS Micro Irrigation Project

Department aims at improving the economic conditions of the farmers by conserving water, bringing additional area into cultivation with the available water resources, enhancing the crop productivity and production, quality, facilitating judicious usage of ground water, saving in power consumption and cost of cultivation.

  1. Automated Farmer Registration Process with provision to check previously availed subsidy
  2. Provision for different subsidy pattern for different social group
  3. Completely automated process of preparing the list of Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
  4. Automated Subsidy calculation based on defined business rules
  5. Process flow for approval of BOQ & Subsidy Release at 2 stages
  6. Automated Proceeding Generation
  1. Efficient Roll Out of MI System
  2. Automated System
  3. Big saving in Man Hour
  4. Interfacing with Multiple Systems

Integrated School Management System (ISMS)

To bring transparency in the functioning of the Department of School Education, department has taken an initiative to make all activities IT enabled.

  1. Single Comprehensive repository for School Education System
  2. Tracking of student's performance
    1. Formative Assessment 1 - 47,35,278
    2. Formative Assessment 2 - 46,47,059
    3. Formative Assessment 3 - 36,54,988
    4. Formative Assessment 4 - 25,62,412
    5. Summative Assessment 1 - 44,87,726
  3. Bringing back the dropped children through 'Out of School children' Module
  4. Big scope of cost saving by implementing online solution for following initiatives
  5. Text Book Distribution
  6. Uniform Distribution
  7. Mid Day Meal's
  1. Facilitating effective School management
  2. Adoption of Online System
  3. Prospect of huge cost saving
  4. Interfacing with Multiple Systems

TSMDC Sand Sales Management & Monitoring

This project is a TS Govt. initiative to provide the sand at affordable price to the common citizen, with a vision of revenue generation to government while protecting the environment. Regulating the price of the sand across the state based on the quality. Ensure that the environment, lakes, rivers and the mining areas are not over exploited.

  1. Web & Android based application
  2. Registrations of stockyards/Customers/Vehicles
  3. Sand Bookings thru multiple modes i.e Net banking/Citizen Service Centers/Government Bulk orders/Private Firms
  4. Sand Excavation and Stockyard management
  5. Transit passes with multiple security features such as QR code, Authorized secure stationary, 3 D hologram etc.
  6. Sand Apps for audit by Vigilance Teams
  7. Comprehensive Decision support system thru MIS reports
  8. Scalable and Flexible application
  1. Environment friendly & Transparent System
  2. Automated Process of Sand Sale Life Cycle
  3. Huge Jump in Tax Collection
  4. Interfacing with Related Systems

MeeSeva (G2C Services Delivery)

MeeSeva is one of the Government of Telangana flag ship program introduced in the month of November, 2011 under e-Governance Program to deliver public services (G2C - Issuing Digitally Signed Certificates, Permits, Registration Documents & Proceeding etc) using the latest technology in a simple, faster, secured & transparent manner by adhering to the strict citizen charter time limits.

  1. Delivery of service through neighborhood kiosks
  2. Services delivery under 2 category: CAT A (over the counter) & CAT B (as per SLA)
  3. Delivery of digitally signed certificate in fast, secure & transparent manner
  4. Fixed charge & defined SLA
  5. Financially self sustained model
  6. Option of online certificate verification
  7. Real time monitoring by higher officials
  8. SMS alerts to applicant at every stage of application processing
  9. Certificate printing on highly secured stationary
  10. Flexible framework - Supports Integration with heterogeneous systems
  11. Huge cost saving for all stakeholders
  1. Higher Satisfaction for Beneficiaries
  2. Adoption of Aadhaar Authenticated System
  3. Plugged the leakage of funds
  4. Interfacing withPostal Department


As mother and the new born forms the building block of any society, their health is of paramount importance. KCR Kit project was envisioned with the objective of providing quality and effective healthcare benefits to pregnant women and their new born through the public health centers along with monitory incentives.

  1. This initiative identifies the high risk cases based on which right medical advise is been provided.
  2. Close monitoring of high risk cases helped department in reducing the emergency cases.
  3. Number of ANC check ups has gone up because of increased awareness and provision of financial assistance.
  4. Helped in increase in efficiency of government facilities specially in villages. The quality of health care delivery at village level centres has also improved because of increased awareness among the rural people.
  5. Heightened focus on Neo Natal death, Maternal death, Immunization etc.
  6. Unique initiative providing financial assistance to pregnant women, child birth at public health centers & child immunization
  7. SMS alerts to registered women regarding upcoming health check ups & payments


The scope of TSOnline is to automate Pre and Post Examination works in the recruitment process.

  1. Introduced computer based examination for the first time.( Earlier the board used to conduct offline examinations)
  2. Successfully developed computerized recruitment selection process, we are the pioneers in developing this software with accuracy.
  3. Projecting this software, APTOnline have won projects in Public Service commissions of both the states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  4. TSOnline as service provider, TREI-RB recruited around 3500 teachers in a short span and received huge appreciation from Telangana State Govt.
  5. Process flow for approval of BOQ & Subsidy Release at 2 stages
  6. Automated Proceeding Generation
  1. Transparent and robust System
  2. Automated Process for Recruitment Cycle
  3. Timely alerts to the candidates in each phase of recruitment